The purpose of the Interview Project (IP) is to provide a practice college/job interview opportunity for the entire junior class at Reno High School. As students prepare to leave the more sheltered environment of high school, real-world preparation is critical. The IP addresses many areas of this preparation:

  • Resume preparation
  • Professional Dress
  • Successful Interview Tips
  • Introduction to commonly asked interview questions
  • General Self-Presentation Skills
  • Interview Assessment with Immediate Feedback

Most high schools, Reno High School included, inform students about job interviewing, but few give an actual practice. There is not a replacement for a realistic interview setting.

Benefit to Students:

The Interview Project affords students a realistic experience in presenting themselves on paper and in person. When placed in front of a high-caliber individual in an interview setting, students are given the chance to think on their feet, express themselves verbally, dress professionally, consider future options, and build confidence. Immediate written and verbal feedback allows a student to reflect upon ways to improve during an interview. The resume-writing portion of the IP furnishes the student with a valuable piece already completed for future use. As parents assist their student in preparation for the IP, important dialog regarding future planning takes place.

A Critical Piece – the Volunteer:

Professionals from the community, school staff, and the AAA parent group provide the key factors in the IP success: interviewing. Though many are experienced in this area, interviewers are prepared with a list of questions, tips for successful interviewing, and an assessment form. This provides the professional “mock” interview setting.